Thursday, May 01, 2003

Okay, I'm back

I am not reading political blogs, nor do I intend to talk about politics. Okay, I lie. Of course, I'm going to talk about politics. I am going to steer the focus away from politics more towards contemporary culture, whatever that means. I will continue to talk about my life, or at least how this particular personality I channel views my life.

If you're here reading this, it means I've left a calling card. I maintain this blog, not so much because I have great wisdoms to give humankind. It's more like carving your initials into a tree. It's a tiny mark to measure against in an impermanent world. As the world is evolving, so too am I. I've always been a journal writer, so this is really just a continuation. I didn't make this blog private because I enjoy the idea that someone might secretly be watching me and reading over my shoulder. I doubt it, but the idea excites me. Read away. What do I think you should get from reading this? That you are not alone. We are all struggling with issues: some of our making, some from the cosmic hurricane that tosses us about the universe.

rlbtzero (it's pronounced Ray) is one of several personalities through which I write. He's more serious than some of the others. What? You don't have several personalities? That's too bad. It's a lot more fun having conversations with yourself when there's several of you.