Wednesday, February 18, 2004

This is Lame, just plain Lame

We all know the President is an "idea" man, like Reagan. Yeah, right. Mr. Altzheimer, the idea man. G.W. sure knows how to pick his heroes. He's allowed to say whatever shit he wants, but when he's held to account, his people tell us "he's not a statistician." Or like, whatever. You know, they really do talk like that. Like, really. They must, because they could never spout shit like that if they didn't believe it, and they couldn't believe it, unless, like, they were totally so lame. You decide.
First Bush, now Perry?

Of course, this is just rumor, but Byron over at Burnt Orange Report is pointing towards a story over at Buzz Flash that says Rick Perry, the Republican governor of Texas, is about to be divorced by his wife for his sexual shenanigans with another (gasp!) man, pictured here:
. Geoff Connor is the Secretary of State for Texas. Which one do you think is the top? I say it's definitely Perry unless, of course, Geoff has a huge dick. Everybody curtsies to the real big dick.

Y'all are thinking: he's getting kind of gross here. We are not here to talk about the size of anyone's appendage, especially the fucking governor of Texas. Okay, to you sensitive ones, I apologize. I have only one question: who did you call when Bush was fucking over us? Define once again what you mean by obscene. "Gross" is what those bastards have done to us and our republic.

Not that there's anything wrong with it, but ya' know, first Bush tells the Canadian Prime Minister's assistant that he has a pretty face, and now this. It gets curiouser and curiouser.

Of course, they are a cute couple.