Monday, February 09, 2004

Al Gore Gets in Right

I just saw a blip of Al Gore attacking Dubya for betraying our trust. That's exactly what Bush did. He told us that we were being threatened, but we were no more threatened than we had been for 11 or 12 years. He told us they had weapons of mass destruction. We believed him. He told us that there was a threat of nuclear weapons. We believed him. What he did was to play upon our fears. He lied to us. He exaggerated the threat. Was this about family honor? Was this about oil? I don't know. When you realize that your boyfriend's lying to you, the next question you ask yourself is "for how long?" I began this blog back last March in support of the President's decision to go to war. I argued with friends, family, acquaintances. What did Bush do with my trust? He allowed the extremists in his party to accuse my friends of aiding the enemy for opposing him. He allowed the extremists in his party to call my friends traitors. He also used the support he was getting for his conduct of the war against terrorism to consolidate his political position at home. He did not try to build a coalition. He attempted to brutalize any opposition to him or to his political party's extremist platform.

He was a coward during the Vietnam War. He avoided the draft for dishonorable reasons. He joined the Texas Air National Guard, after having a slot made available to him because of who is father was. If he supported the war, he should have joined rather the fight rather than dodging. His country needed him, but he was a coward.

His tax cuts have helped no one but the rich. He is breaking the economic back of the government. We are going to be saddled with so much debt that we will be unable to function as an efficient government. The Republicans are treating the government as a huge, all you can eat buffet, and they are cleaning the platters. There won't be anything left. He's so fucking stupid that he doesn't see or understand the results of what he is doing. I vote for stupid. He's not smart enough to be evil. That would be his brother, Jeb.

His political party, however, is evil. Tom DeLay would send his own mother to a concentration camp if it enhanced his political power. I love the quote about him responding to being told he couldn't smoke his cigar at a restaurant telling the poor chap trying to enforce the law that "he [Tom DeLay] was the government." That sounds real good when written in a history book.