Wednesday, July 30, 2003

POTUS News Conference

Tried to watch it. Irritated by the press. Why wasn't this question asked: " did you wretchet up the talk about nuclear weapons development in order to show the inevitability of the conflict with Iraq?" Of course he's going to take responsibility for his words. That was the easy question. Why wasn't he asked about the implication that we were misled as to the seriousness of the Iraqi threat? Fucker got a free ride today.

And what was that rambling shit about Gay marriages? There's already a controlling federal law, the Defense of Marriage Act, signed by good ol' boy, Clinton himself. If I were Gay, why . . . why nothing.

I edited this post. I guess it took a few minutes for all that crap about the sanctity of marriage and "we're all sinners" shit to sink in. Screw him. I'm not interested in his simplistic understanding of religion and morality. If you think I'm mad at the s.o.b., this guy's even madder.

Despite Andrew Sullivan's total capitulation to the religious right, I don't think the constitutional amenment thing is going anywhere. I can't imagine the great majority of Americans are willing to let the religious conservatives foul the Constitution with their crap. At least I hope not.