Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Wanda, Go
Bitch Slap this Woman

Susan Sanford, writing for the Daily Mountain Eagle in Jasper, Alabama, says Those who do such things, and those who think they are amusing - or innocent - are worthy of death." Now isn't that special? Susan is beside herself. "My first question is, do these people not read the Bible? Have they forgotten Sodom and Gomorrah? At what point do they think the Lord changed His mind about the sin of homosexuality?"

I think Susan's been breathing too much hairspray, and I know she doesn't get out of Alabama as much as she ought to. Well, there was that one time she and her husband were in New Orleans, you know, in Louisiana, and they were there on Labor Day and lord, Jesus, you wouldn't believe what they ran into on those streets of New Orleans. It wasn't lesbians pushing baby carriages, that's for sure. Hell, I bet her husband is still trying to get her to use the lipstick he bought her. Anyway, somebody needs to tell this woman that we are not a theocracy and it is not all right to advocate in print that someone deserves to die because of something your religion teaches. I don't care what you think at home, Susan, or at church. That's your business. But I don't go to your church. My church says stupidity is a greater threat to humankind than same-sex love. It's been my experience that someone as retarded as you is at the receiving end of a lot of grief. Or as my people say, people like you pay a hefty stupidity tax.