Thursday, April 29, 2004

Poetry on Fridays

There are many who will not understand Charles Butowski's poetry. This is what he had to say about it:
"My contribution", he wrote in 1974, "was to loosen and simplify poetry, to make it more human... I taught them that you can write a poem the same way you can write a letter, that a poem can even be entertaining, and that there need not be anything necessarily holy about it."

fire station
(for Jane, with love)

we came out of the bar
because we were out of money
but we had a couple of wine bottles
in the room.

it was about 4 in the afternoon
and we passed a fire station
and she started to go

"a FIRE STATION! oh, I just love
FIRE engines, they're so red and
all! let's go in!"

I followed her on
in. "FIRE ENGINES!" she screamed
wobbling her big

she was already trying to climb into
one, pulling her skirt up to her
waist, trying to jacknife up into the

"here, here, lemme help ya!" a fireman ran up.

amother fireman walked up to
me: "our citizens are always welcome,"
he told me.

the other guy was up in the seat with
her. "you got one of those big THINGS?"
she asked him. "oh, hahaha!, I mean one of
those big HELMETS!"

"I've got a big helmet, too" he told

"oh, hahaha!"

"you play cards?" I asked my
fireman. I had 43 cents and nothing but

"come in back," he
said. "of course, we don't gamble.
it's against the

"I understand," I told

I had run my 43 cents up to a
dollar ninety
when I saw her going upstairs with
her fireman.

"he's gonna show me their sleeping
quarters," she told

"I understand," I told

when her fireman slid down the pole
ten minutes later
I nodded him

"that'll be 5

"5 dollars for

"we wouldn't want a scandal, would
we? we both might lose our
jobs. of course, I'm not

he gave me the

"sit down, you might get it

whatcha playing?"

"gambling's against the

"anything interesting is, besides,
you see any money on the
he sat down.

that made 5 of

"how was it Harry?" somebody asked

"not bad, not

the other guy went on

they were bad players really.
they didn't bother to memorize the
deck. they didn't know whether the
high numbers or low numbers were left. and basically they hit too high,
didn't hold low

when the other guy came down
he gave me a

"how was it, Marty?"
"not bad. she's got . . . some fine

"hit me!" I said. "nice clean girl, I
ride it myself."

nobody said

"any big fires lately?" I

"naw. nothin'

"you guys need
exercise. hit me

a big red-headed kid who had been shining an
threw down his rag and
went upstairs.

when he came down he threw me a

when the 4th guy came down I gave him
3 fives for a

I don't know how many firemen
were in the building or where they
were. I figured a few had slipped by me
but I was a good

it was getting dark outside
when the alarm

they started running around.
guys came sliding down the

then she came sliding down the
pole. she was good with the
pole. a real woman. nothing but guts

"let's go," I told

she stood there waving goodbye to the
firemen but they didn't seem
much interested
any more.

"let's go back to the
bar," I told

"ooh, you got

"I found some I didn't know I
had. . ."

we sat at the end of the bar
with whiskey and beer
"I sure got a good

"sure, baby, you need your

"look at that sailor looking at me!
he must think I'm a ...a ..."

"naw, he don't think that. relax, you've got
class. real class. sometimes you remind me of an
opera singer. you know, one of those prima d's.
your class shows all over
you. drink

I ordered 2

"you know, daddy, you're the only man I
LOVE! I mean, really...LOVE! ya

"sure I know. sometimes I think I am a king
in spite of myself."

"yeah. yeah. that's what I mean, somethin' like

I had to go to the urinal. when I came back
the sailor was sitting in my
seat. she had her leg up against his and
he was talking.

I walked over and got in a dart game with
Harry the Horse and the corner

Charles Bukowski

Poetry takes many forms to many people. To me it's about putting power in the words. Salute, Charles. Special thanks to my friend Mark who has been showering me with Bukowski poems this past week. Would you like one more? Go on, you know you do. Okay, just a short one.

when you're young
a pair of
high-heeled shoes
just sitting
in the closet
can fire your
when you're old
it's just
a pair of shoes
in them
just as

Charles Bukowski

Oh, yeah. Cats. Say hi, Beau.

Be at peace, dear friends, be at peace.
Buy me, mommy, buy me!

Sara, my West Virginia blogroll cousin, over at Hillbilly Sophisticate warns us about curio shops that spell it "shoppe" instead of "shop." They might be selling some of these:

Picture courtesy of Jerry of the WVTS Morning Show. By the way, Jerry's looking for a co-host, a female with a sense of humor, which is more than Jerry has. This is what Jerry's worried about:

Do you think that society feels that sex and plush penises are so cute and funny that even children should also enjoy in on the fun? If not, do you think that stores like this should have very visible warnings at the entrance that it contains adult material? Should the store manager inform the employees to ask children to leave the store? Do YOU allow your children to patronize these adult stores? There is a "Record Store" in Kanawah City that sells more adult porn items than anyplace in town. Do your kids buy their "music" there? Should they have an indication at the door that they're "More than just a music store?"

Again, I have NO problem with the store selling whatever trash they want.... but let's at least keep the kids out ok? They'll have enough problems dealing with sexually transmitted diseases down the road.

Lighten up, for chrissaka Jerry. It's a stuffed toy in an adult curio shop, er, I mean shoppe. It's not going to cause a kid to get syphillis just from seeing it and wanting one.
Reading the Right

I don't recommend it, but I just did some blogsurfing on the Right hand side of the dial. This is what I've learned. All newspapers are bad and do everything in their power to discredit Bush. Here's what one guy said:

"In my view, the press, especially the Seattle press, would eat up [pictures of the flag-draped coffins] as an opportunity to stir up anti-war sentiment. Some of us have short memories it seems. It was in Vietnam that anti-war elements in the media used the pictures of war dead to incite resistance to the war effort. Unfortunately, there are many here in America who like the Spanish, have no stomach for the sacrifice required to secure peace and freedom." How many things are wrong with this short paragraph?

His next sentence is equally chilling. "As I've said earlier, it's time to take the gloves off. It's time to recognize that we have enemies both foreign and domestic. Hit them hard, hit them fast, and get our boys home."

Then, our old buddy Misha calls Kofi Annan "kaffir anus." Hairy Fish Nuts informs us that kaffir is the Afrikaaner equivalent of the word "nigger." Way to go, Misha. I wonder if Republican wingnut Mulatto Boy likes it when his right-wing pals call anyone a "nigger asshole"?

In response to what someone over at Indymedia said about the death of Pvt. Pat Tillman, this guy had this to say: "The writer of this vile hatred deserves a claw hammer in the head. Seriously, I hope someone beats him to death and sets his corpse on fire." I read some of the Comments but you all know what they're like when they go into a feeding frenzy.

Had enough? You know they're just joshing us, don't you? Dont you?