Monday, April 14, 2003


Jase Oddity [not his real name, I'll bet] talks about Houston's heat and waistlines while making some rather astute observations that only someone dropped from another planet might make. I was out tripping through the blogosphere and stopped by Michael Morgan's blog, The Bayou City Perspective and, always trusting the recommendations of someone I barely know, I immediately linked over to The Atom Grid and discovered the piece by Jase Oddity. Go Jase.
Leftist Infatuation with Cuba

Emma discusses the history of Baby Boom Leftist Infatuation with Cuba over at her blog Late Night Thoughts. She does it so well that all I can add is "Amen." I have never understood it. Thank you, Emma, I understand it better now; not completely, but better.

I've always despised communism. I can't remember that it was an important issue to anyone in my family besides me. I must have read something that influenced later perceptions. But by golly, I have always hated communists. And by the time Castro came onto the scene, I was 12 years old, and I can remember hating him by the time I was 14.

Many years later, living in San Francisco, I met people who praised Cuba, Castro, and thought Che Gueverra was a folk hero. I thought they were idiots. If it was so great, why was everyone trying to get to Florida?

So Emma writes

"Dear Matt, You Don't Know Me, But..." Her essay is an open letter to Matthew Yglesias "Commenting on a series of letters of pro-Castro (or anti-Bush) letters to the LA Times posted by Matt Welch he says: The worst thing about these letters is that they don’t really even try to defend or apologize for Castro — it just can’t be done anymore — instead they change the subject as quickly as possible to the evils of George W. Bush and his man in Havana, James Cason. . . . Actually, Matt, there is a brand of American liberal who loves to apologize for Fidel."

Still Working at It

This is only my 4th or 5th change of appearance for my blog. Today I figured out how to do a blogroll. A word of explanation. My blogroll is of people whom I read. It's an endorsement in that I find these people to be interesting. Often I find them to be more interesting than their opinions. If you're a pilgrim trying to make some progress, you're probably going to want to read a few different opinions. Well, here's a bunch. There are probably more conservative blogs listed than liberal. I don't know if that makes me a conservative or not. Bloggers from the Left have been irritating me more than those on the Right lately. Where does it say you have to take a stupid pill to be Liberal? Then why have so many taken one?