Friday, July 11, 2003

Another Reason Why I'm Not A Republican

As if I needed another one. Via the Washington Blade, Bob Marshall, member of the Virginia House of Delegates from Loudoun and Prince William Counties, wonders if the Supreme Court's decision will require schools to teach 14 year olds "fisting." Right on Bobo, you probably discovered fisting right after you took your head out of your ass. Where do they find these idiots?
Gay Marriage

I really haven't had much to say about this. Hell, I can't even get a date, much less a husband. The most eloquent statements thus far have come from straights (or at least from people I presume to be straight). Andy, over at The World Wide Rant does an excellent job fisking that " Pennsylvania Pinhead," aka REPUBLICAN Senator Rick Santorum on the subject of Gay marriage. Thanks, Andy, for giving us a new nickname for the idiot.

Oh, about Gay Marriage. I guess I'm fer it. I'm definitely in favor of finding a husband. It's probably a reaction to living most of my life outside law and society's blessings, but I don't really think I need a marriage license to have a relationship. Yeah, yeah, for my Gay brothers and Lesbian sisters who do think this is important, okay, I'm with you. But I have little enthusiasm for wanting to adapt a failed institution to a new age lifestyle.

Did Bush Lie?

I reluctantly supported the President and the war against Iraq. So far "Iraq has weapons of mass destructions" and "they're trying to buy uranium from Niger" rank right up there with "I won't come in your mouth" as classic lies. I can't say I feel personally betrayed because, well, I have never liked the s.o.b. It was never personal. The whole world opposed us, with the exception of Tony Blair and half a dozen other small countries. I bet if Tony Blair had the ability to do the whole thing over again, he'd choose his side more carefully. Non-RightWingers in the blogosphere are holding the administration's feet to the fire over the deliberate and systematic misrepresentations of the administration as it marched us to war. The RightWingers call any questioning of the administration about its deliberate lying to be partisan. If you're interested in getting the lowdown, I recommend Josh Marshall's take on it. I'll sum it up briefly. The White House was told that the information was weak and possibly not true, so they chose to use it anyway and say "according to the British." That's weak. Thanks a lot, Tony Blair. You stood by them, gave them legitimacy and now they're doing their best to butt-fuck you.