Sunday, May 09, 2004

I have known many mothers. Some women are instinctively good at it, some indifferent to it. The biological function may be the same for birthing, but there's a big difference from experiencing birth and raising a child. Motherhood is about raising the child. I'm old enough now to appreciate aspects not apparent to me when I was young. For example, those who have the instinct, seem to have an unlimited amount of nurturing they are able to pour out on any child they encounter. My sister Michelle seems to have that. I felt it a lot from a lot of women when I was growing up. Believe you me, when you're the cutest kid in the world, you get smothered in a lot of bosomy hugs. I always felt loved. That's what motherhood means to me. Thank you Dorothy for always making sure I knew I was loved. Thank you, Minnie Hyacinth, for helping Dorothy.

Motherhood is like a marathon race. The challenge is just to finish the course. Your kids are on the sideline throughout the entire race, sometimes cheering you on, sometimes throwing up obstacles. Hell, sometimes they are the obstacles. To those of you in the race, rock on!