Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Black Sheep

That has nothing to do with anything. I just wanted to say it. I was out running around in the ethernet the other day and stopped in and said hi to a few different folks. Had a couple say hi back to me. Hmmm. Life's good, chilrin', celebrate!

Damn, what a fine sunset!

It was only one color, sort of a pinkish salmon that was on fire! Think Maxfield Parrish, at least the sky part.

You need clouds to get the full range of sunset colors. I lived half a dozen or so years in Alaska, and all sunsets and sunrises in my life now are measured against that rule. Man! What a place. The cycle much of the year is ...the sun rises in the north, coming in at a gradual angle breaking the light into that prism that gives our eye the most color. The sun rises, does sort of a "U" pass, setting a dozen plus hours later in the north, the same direction from which it rose. Did I say "set"? It dips below the horizon, with the horizon lit by it's bent rays which create so much color. So sunset lasts a couple of hours when you realize that there has been a subtle change in the colors and now sunset is sunrise. It's a different energy.

But tonight's sunset from Oakland was pretty good.