Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I'm Now Leaving this Universe

I'm so turned off by the level of discourse in political conversation right now. Nobody is listening to anybody, although each side takes plenty of time to tear down the other side, using every tool in the arsenal, no matter how petty. "Oh, he used a double negative! You can't trust anyone who uses a double negative!" "Oh, she used her celebrity status to have an opinion different from my own! I'll show her 'freedom of speech'"! And in all of my life, I've never been spoken to as condescendingly as I have on some of the sites. It's a choice between fools and mean people.

I have another blog where my other personalities are presently having more fun than this one is here. I'd invite you over to party with us, but hell, you haven't paid any attention to me here, why should I expect you to do any different there.

I may stop by from time to time, but it may be awhile. Meanwhile, best wishes to all of you.