Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Attention, Texans

Lisa over at Kamikaze Kumquat has uncovered a gem. You gotta go visit Juanita's, the World's Most Dangerous Beauty Shop. First, Juanita's takes on Gov. Hairdo and his Special Session of the Legislature to raise sin taxes in order to pay for everything. That is so very Texan. In a previous article, Juanita tells us about a recent Tom DeLay visit in Rosenburg (which I believe is in his district near Sugarland) where he rudely told a bunch of teachers they were living in an alternate universe. He's right about that, but not in the way he intended. Go visit Juanita.

Remember when we used to send these little fun links around to each other on email? I just got one from a friend. It was fun. Alcohol and Ammo.

Where Did That Body Go?

Some Christian sects actually go looking for the body on Easter Sunday. Only when they don't find it do they proclaim, "Hallelujah, He's Risen!" It's a little late to call off the celebration for this year, but it looks as though they found it. (Via Lisa, at Kamikaze Kumquat)

I saw Jesus in a tortilla once, but I was more hungry than I was curious, so I ate him.
TBogg Nails It

..."There was, you know, kind of departments that at times didn't communicate.." -Biff Bush

He's just three "like" 's and one "so I'm all..." away from being a 14-year-old girl at the mall.

This is the clown the Right sees as a strong war president? Is inarticulateness a sign of strength? I didn't get the memo.