Friday, February 06, 2004

Bush Meets the Press

Oh, but if he only would. Instead he's being fluffed by Tim Russert Sunday morning on NBC's Meet the Press. I don't get NBC so I guess I'll have to be satisfied with the wrapup. I don't expect much. Tim Russert is such a suck-up. His idea of a tough question is going to be "who d'ya think will win the world series this year?" There is so much shit on the table, I just don't know how Russert can't ask a couple of on point questions. The challenge to Russert is to follow up when he gets a bullshit answer. And that's the standard I'm going to hold Tim to: if he answers with a non sequitur, you better damn well ask him to explain himself.
Friday Cat Blogging

My unofficial blog block captain, Kevin Drum over at Calpundit, usually does cat blogging on Fridays, although not today for some reason. He has two cats, Inkblot and Jasmine. I have one. Or does he have me? Say hello to Beauregard: