Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Polls? I don't need no stinkin' polls!

Gallup 3/26-28
Bush: 51 (+7)
Kerry: 47 (-5)

Pew 3/22-28
Bush: 44 (+2)
Kerry: 43 (-6)

Newsweek 3/25-26
Bush: 47 (-1)
Kerry: 48 (-)

Fox 3/23-24
Bush: 44 (-)
Kerry: 44 (-)

Count me among the mystified. How can rational people still be for Bush? Maybe it's Kerry. Hey, maybe Kerry's just a decoy candidate. You know, get Bush to spend his gazillions trashing the wrong guy, and at the Democrat convention, out will pop a knight in shining armor who will lead us to victory.

I wish I liked Kerry more. It's hard to have faith in someone you don't feel warm towards. When I hear Kerry sound more hawkish than Bush, I'm distressed. It suggests to me a campaign strategy is already in place. Maybe it's a good strategy. Who am I to say? My instincts tell me that the Kerry campaign is not getting a coherent message out. Kerry has not convinced me to vote for him despite my being for anybody but Bush. Of course, I'm voting for him, but it's not because of anything he's said or done.

I know, breathe deeply. There's six months to go in this campaign. Anything can happen.