Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Missing the Point

I saw Janet's titty. Oh whoopidee shit! Here's a picture of it if you're interested in seeing it for yourself. This guy is outraged. The idiots at Right Wing News (no way I'm linking to that sort of trash) think Dr. Dean is unsuited to be President because he wasn't outraged enough to condemn everyone involved. No, really, that's what they said over there. I was over there this morning to see if there was any shock at what Justin Timberlake did. He tore a woman's top in a similated act of male aggression. In their dance of sexual illusion, he responded to the dominitrix's supposed control of him by turning the tables and taking control, humiliating her by exposing her. I've seen the x-rated version of the movie already. I thought I recognized the plot. But no, cynicism ran high, and no one seem especially offended.

Am I the only one to notice that Justin Timberlake has no hips? Bless his heart. My friend Stacy was over watching the show with us. She thought Justin sounded like Michael Jackson. That's interesting, huh? If Michael had been doing the dance with Janet, no one would have noticed Janet, with or without her boob haning out.

Tim Goodman, writing in this morning's San Francisco Chronicle, totally pegs the entire story. Ah, America.